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You know your business, it’s how you bring home the bacon. OK, so you may not know much about technology, graphics or websites… That’s where we come in.
Now you’ve “Got a guy for that”

Custom Photography

Need custom images for your project? From custom photos of your Restaurant’s delectable dishes, to the most flattering shots of your online store items, we’ve got you covered.
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So many questions!

So many questions… Who are you? Who am I? Why is the sky blue? Communication often begins with a question… This is what clients usually ask first – 
Why Us?

About Us

Through many years working for large companies in customer service, business and sales operations roles, I’ve acquired a skill-set that is very much universal across many business types and sizes. Couple that with a passion for design, a love of photography and a knack for most things electronic, and you have someone who can bring true value to your organization. When my services are engaged, you will not only have someone with technical competencies, you will also have a partner who can bring to you ideas with which to reach your goals. 

Being a consumer myself, I have learned what others such as myself have come to expect, like a high level of professionalism, convenience and an attention to detail. I understand that proper grammar and punctuation is important in advertising, even while using social media. I know that a majority of consumers will be looking for goods and services using a smartphone or tablet and your digital correspondence should be formatted to fit these devices. 

Being a bit of a nerd, I love to learn and solve puzzles. Reach out to me and we’ll chat about how I can apply my skills to help you get you the results you are looking for. You’ll be glad you did!